Issues With Your Garbage Disposal?

Issues With Your Garbage Disposal?

Let a trusted plumber take a look

If you're having a garbage disposal problem, it's important to avoid trying to fix it on your own. The blades can be dangerous, so reach out to a local plumber to repair your equipment safely. Westside Plumbing of Wichita can diagnose the issue and fix it quickly. We can take care of everything from clogs to leaky pipes. You can also rely on us to replace broken parts.

Schedule garbage disposal repair services today.

Should you replace your garbage disposal?

In some cases, your garbage disposal might be beyond repair. A replacement could be the best option if:

Your motor is no longer working
Clogs happen frequently
Your equipment is unusually loud

We can give you reliable new equipment that lasts for years. Call us today at 316-390-1234 if you're having trouble with your garbage disposal.